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Family Law Representation in Wilmington, Delaware

When family matters require legal assistance, you need someone who will be sympathetic to the delicate nature of family law while staying focused on reaching your goals. I am attorney Amy Kendall Butler.

Meeting Your Family Law Needs

I believe in providing complete service to clients. I represent your interests through the sometimes-complicated landscape of Delaware family law, but I also work with you to keep you informed of the process and putting that process to work for you. There are as many different approaches to family law as there are lawyers practicing. My approach is that of a problem solver:
  • I work with you to create a reasonable strategy.
  • I know how to negotiate for you, and reach for your goals while keeping the process moving forward.
  • I work to keep the process moving.
  • I stay focused on negotiation so we don't have to leave decisions about your future up to someone else.
  • I am ready to handle conflicts when they arise and I am prepared take your case to court when necessary.
I'm Amy Butler of Carucci Butler, LLC, and if you are like most of my family law clients, then you probably want to reach a quick and fair resolution to your case so you can move on with your life. My goal is to shepherd you through the process of family law, whether that is a divorce or a dispute over child custody. I work toward reaching your goals, while not dragging you through endless hearings and conflict.

Experienced Family Law Representation With A Personal Touch

I believe in the importance of building a strong relationship with my clients. When you hire me for your family law issue, it's possible, perhaps even likely, that I'll be guiding you through one of the most difficult times of your life. From divorce to child support and alimony, my experience as both a negotiator and a litigator gives me many different strategies that I can put to work in reaching your goals while guiding you through the process. I work with you every step of the way to push through the sticking points that can often bog down family law proceedings for months. When we can negotiate to reach your goals, we do that, and when we have to fight to protect your family, your rights or your future, we do that too. Contact me today to schedule an initial consultation.

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