Firm Overview

Putting Family Law To Work For You

I work for families in the Wilmington area to solve their family law issues. I am a parent, a wife, a daughter. Family is more than just a word or an idea to me; it is a cornerstone of my life, and when that cornerstone is damaged I know how much it can throw the rest of your world out of balance.

What Do You Expect From Your Attorney?

  • Do you want an attorney who understands how important your case is to you?
  • Do you want an attorney who is focused on working with you while working for you?
  • Do you want an attorney who is experienced in resolving cases just like yours?
  • Do you want an attorney who knows how to negotiate to avoid leaving your future entirely in the hands of someone else to decide?
  • Do you want an attorney who is prepared to fight when negotiation fails?

If this is what you are looking for in a family law attorney, then contact me today.

A Sensible Approach To Family Law

Drawing out your legal problems over months and years almost never works to your advantage. Not only does it become an expensive and painful process, but worst of all, it usually takes the decisions about how to resolve your case out of your hands.

Sometimes you need a judge making decisions about your case, perhaps because the other side becomes stubborn and unrealistic, but more often you get a better result through negotiation or even mediation. I am results-oriented, and my goal is to get you the most beneficial deal. When we can negotiate to reach those goals, it often means a quicker and more amicable solution.

I have seen divorces and conflicts involvingproperty division get stuck for weeks in arguments over things that don’t matter in the long run to either side. It just ends up being painful and expensive for everyone involved. If you want a lawyer who will stay focused on reaching your goals while avoiding a process that seems never-ending, contact me for your an initial consultation.